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Voice Recording continued...


VR Comparison
Voice recording comparison Micro Black Box Recorder Lite Black Box Voice Recorder
Line Interface
Analogue Lines ( max ) 8 16
BRI ( max ) 4 8
PRI ( max ) 15 120
Fax No Yes
IP No Yes
Recording Format
MP3 Yes Yes
Encrypted Yes Yes
Search Criteria
Date & Time Yes Yes
Calling Party1 Yes Yes
Called Party 1 Yes Yes
Agent ID No Yes2
First & Last Extension No Yes2
Direction Yes Yes
Remark No Yes
Playback Yes Yes
Live Monitor Yes Yes
LAN Client PCs 1 5 Licenses - std
WAN Operation No Yes
Archiving Manual Auto
Format CD DVD RW
Central Archive No Yes
Primary Storage System Hard drive System Hard drive
Storage Capacity Customer Dependant 22 000 Hrs Min
Agent Monitoring No Yes3
Screen Capture No Yes3
Database No Yes - SQL
PC / Server Specifications
Chassis Customer Supplied NS Supplied
Chassis Type Customer Supplied Rack or Tower
Processor P4 2.8GHz + P4 3.40GHz + Dual core
Ram 1GB + 2GB +
Hard Drive 80GB + 2 x 250GB minimum
USB Ports 2 + 4 +
Internet Yes Yes
Backup CD RW Min DVD RW DL
Redundency No RAID 1 or 5
Type Back to Base On site
Remote support Via internet Via internet
Remote Monitoring(RTMS) No Yes

1 May Depend on type of line
2 May Depend on Phone system make and model
3 Additional Licenses required