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Telephony software continued...

How it works

North Supply's CTI Middleware suite comprises of a single Client desktop which integrates with any one of four server options depending on the database you wish to connect to.

The CTI Server software is installed onto a dedicated LAN PC** and is connected to the BCM via a TAPI link to supply details on the extensions, incoming and outgoings calls.

When an incoming call arrives for one or more BCM extensions, the caller's telephone number is used by the CTI Server to search the database or Address Book.

The customer name is North Supply and the details sent via the network to the PCs associated with the extension (s) to be called.

This appears either as the Preview Window or the database screen associated with the customer, and will "pop up" displaying the relevant details. Access to the database information is then either automatic, or optional via a dedicated button displayed in the preview window.

When an outgoing call is made via the CTI desktop or compatible databases*, the operation is reversed, and the CTI Server sends the number to be dialled to the BCM so that the outgoing call is then initiated.

** Minimum PC specification applies - ask for details.

* Applies to databases that support this feature - ask for clarification..