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Telephony software

North Supply's Telephony Software solutions are Client - Server applications that provide the means to be able to operate your telephone through your PC, and integrate with your database to provide desktop dialling and screen popping. The range of packages provides the possibility to link with over 50 different databases, and is designed to provide cost savings through improved staff efficiency, whilst providing better customer service.

CTI links over your network to a computer running SmartServer. The SmartServer computer is connected to the PBX your company uses to make and receive all its telephone calls. So the SmartServer computer knows at any time what telephone calls are in progress. It uses this information to tell all the computers running CTI who is on the telephone to whom. Using this information, you can tell if somebody you need to speak to is alredy on the telephone. In addition, if you are a supervisor, you can monitor the amount of time spent by employees talking on the telephone. The telephone number and any company name previously entered into the contacts of CTI will show on the preview window if it is configured to do so. This gives you the advantage of knowing who is calling before answering the telephone. It also eliminates the need of trying to remember people/'s telephone numbers. You can let Unified Communicator do it for you! As well as dialling from the CTI Contacts, you can use the CTI software as a TSP to dial from programs that support TAPI dialling. In fact, there are over 15 ways to dial from CTI. With the Call History screen, you can view calls you missed - even if your computer was turned off when you received the calls. You can view who the calls were from and the date and time that the calls were made. You can also call the person back from this screen.